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To instil in the minds of the students a sense of responsibility and team spirit, all the students from Class I to XII are divided into a HOUSE system. Accordingly, all belong to any one of the following FOUR HOUSES named RUBY, TOPAZ, EMERALD & SAPPHIRE.
To help our students discover and foster their hidden talents, MPS provides various Co-Curricular activities which are conducted for different levels of learners as listed below.
01. Introductory (LK.G.)& Preparatory (U.K.G.)
02. Mini Juniors – Std. I, II and III
03. Sub Juniors- IV &V
04. Juniors – VI and VII
05. Sub Seniors -VII – X
06. Seniors – XI & XII
Details of all the activities for different groups are scheduled in the monthly planner.

All the intra school co curricular competitions are held either class wise or group wise.The points won by the students is accrued to the houses they belong to. Up to class III the students participate with children of their class only.Once they reach middle school they compete within groups –sub junior group (classes IV and V)junior group(classes VI and VII) sub senior group(classes VIII, IXand X)and senior group(XI and XII students).

Throughout the year there are literary, sports and other competitions going on.. The competitions the children can participate in are- Elocution, Debate, Quiz, Handwriting, Essay Writing, Drawing and Painting, Story Telling, Recitation, Public Speaking, Casio Playing, Dance, Extempore, Mental Maths, Song, Rangoli Making, Yoga, Sloka Chanting, Spelling and Kite Flying .All the literary competitions are held in English, Hindi and Oriya.


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