Silver Jubilee
Mother's Public School Celebrates
25 Years of Service to the Children of Our Community













As you all know, we have been celebrating our Silver Jubilee year with various events over the last few months. We will be culminating the celebrations with a three-day event on December 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Here’s the schedule of events planned for the coming month:

6th December and 7th December

Screening of School Cinema productions by LXL Ideas. School Cinema is an award-winning venture founded by Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed to use the powerful medium of cinema to impart life skills and value based lessons to school children.

Venue: Auditorium. Screening will be done in batches of students. Teachers are welcome.

8th December 2017

Mr. Syed Sultan Ahmed will address students of all grades.

Venue: Assembly stage. Students will congregate on the lawn in front of the stage and the corridors.

16th December 2017

Inter-school Short Play competition. Teams from various local schools will perform, competing for the top two prizes.

Venue: Auditorium

21st December 2017

Inter-school competitions in Debate, Elocution, Cooking, Individual Singing and Band, along with fun and games.

Venue: Field/Outdoors Stage/Auditorium. 2PM – 7PM

22nd December 2017

Program by the pre-primary section with parents and grandparents as invitees.

Venue: Outdoors stage. 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

23rd December 2017

• Sports event, including cultural programs, by students of classes 3-10, starting with the torch being lit and carried from the original Prakrit location. A coffee table book commemorating 25 years of Mother’s Public School will be launched. Also, a docu-movie on the school will be screened. The Alumni will be invited to form a contingent during the parade.

Venue: Field in front of Kishore Club. 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

• Concluding program for the Silver Jubilee celebrations. Music and dance programs will be presented by +2 students, along with the release of the Coffee Table Book to the Alumni and screening of the Docu-movie on the school. The winner of the Short Play competition will be invited to perform and the winning entry of the Short Movie competition will be screened.

Alumni will be felicitated, following which, there will be a segment meant only for the alumni, which will include live music and dinner.

Venue: Outdoors stage 5:30 PM onwards



In addition to the above-mentioned events on the specific dates, we are also organizing the following:

• An inter-school Short Movie competition, for which we have invited around 800 schools across the country. The top entry will be screened on December 23rd evening.
• A documentary movie on Mother’s Public School. Shooting for the movie will take place on the first week of December.
• A Coffee Table book chronicling the journey of Mother’s Public School. The book will be released on December 23rd.
• A souvenir covering all the events conducted to celebrate Silver Jubilee along with articles from students, teachers and other well-wishers. This will be released in February/March 2018.

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